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Executive Individual and Team Coaching Services

Tandem Coaching - Executive and Leadership Team and Group Coaching

Executive and Leadership Group Coaching

Executive mastermind groups are designed to leverage the power of peer collaboration to bring out the best in your leaders. Small groups of leaders work together as a cohort and benefit from each other’s knowledge, input, and feedback as they work towards a common purpose. Our coaches help your leaders unlock their collective potential and create lasting impacts within your organization.

Team Coaching

Team coaching focuses on accelerating high performance in teams by improving communication, collaboration, and negotiation skills. We focus on drawing out the strengths of individuals to multiply the effectiveness of the whole. Conflict on teams doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Learning healthy methods of having conflict can draw out the best solutions a team can offer.

Unleash the potential of your leadership team and take your organization to new heights. Our executive coaching services, built upon the proven ASPIRE method, are designed to elevate your team’s performance and drive lasting organizational impact.

We understand that every team and every organization is unique living and breathing organism. That’s why we utilize assessments and data-driven insights to create personalized coaching strategies. Our goal is to help your teams improve communication, collaboration, decision-making, and overall effectiveness.

Discover how our executive coaching and the ASPIRE method can transform your leadership team. Request a free brochure today and start the journey to achieving your organizational goals.

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Individual Coaching

One-on-one coaching accelerates learning and development in ways that training cannot. Individualized focus helps each leader build the awareness and insight they need to expand their skills and abilities so they can unlock their unique potential. Individualized assessment and development plans are key to developing emotional intelligence, increase strategic thinking, and develop executive presence. Our personalized one-on-one coaching is designed to focus on the individual needs and goals of each developing leader so they can achieve what is needed to move to the next level.

Tandem Coaching - Executive and Leadership Individual Coaching

Tandem Coaching in Numbers

Tandem Coaching - Internal Coaches Development

Internal Coaches Development

We have a long track record of training and developing internal coaches. Our training and mentoring programs are ICF accredited and can be catered to the needs of your organization. Our hands on development process for team and organizational coaches will help your organization create the internal coaching competence you need for long term success. We will work directly with your human resources and talent development professionals to build customized internal coaching development programs that exactly fit the needs of your organization.

Agile Coaching, Consulting, Training

Our coaches are all industry leading experienced Agilists who have deep experience and expertise in enterprise, executive, and team coaching to help organizations adopt agile methods and ways of working that help them achieve the business results they desire. We will partner with your executive team to develop an adoption plan that will best serve the needs of your organization. Our coaches understand the nuances of a wide variety of roles in Agile environments and can guide your leaders through making the right decisions that are in alignment with your organization’s strategic needs. Our coaches are certified trainers who can bring the best of Scrum Alliance,, and ICAgile certification programs in house directly to you.

Tandem Coaching - Agile Training, Coaching, Consulting

Some of Our Clients

What to Expect from Our Coaches

Coaching conversations with individuals and groups that focus on performance goals and sustainable learning and change to increase your staff’s capacity for leadership. Our coaches come from a wide variety of backgrounds and industry experience, but they all share a few core traits. Our coaches are all advanced level ICF credentialed coaches who undergo a rigorous vetting process. They are all seasoned professionals with expertise in coaching, training, business leadership, and agility. Each is committed to partnering with clients to build their capacity to lead others and bring meaningful impact to their organizations.

During coaching conversations, the coach may:

  • Serve as a sounding board for your most challenging decisions. They will listen intently, ask tough questions, challenge your thinking, and share new perspectives.
  • Partner with clients to take ownership of the changes they want to see in themselves and in their organizations
  • Develop a growth plan specifically catered to the needs and goals of the client
  • Share ideas and experience gained through working in similar roles and industries or learning from working with other organizations
  • Provide feedback gathered through interviews with colleagues, 360 surveys and assessments
  • Help clients uncover the assumptions, values, and ways of thinking that either serve their leadership goals or get in the way of success
  • Co-create actions for clients to take between sessions to solidify learning and keep clients moving forward with their growth goals as they develop new behaviors and thinking