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ICF ACTC Coaching Supervision Package with Cherie Silas, MCC


Includes 6 monthly 90-minute group supervision sessions and 2 one-hour individual supervision sessions with Cherie Silas, MCC, CEC

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According to ICF, Coaching Supervision is a collaborative learning practice to continually build the capacity of the coach through reflective dialogue for the benefit of both coaches and clients. It focuses on the development of the coach’s capacity through offering a richer and broader opportunity for support and development.

The practice is not about supervising your work, but to partner with you to help you take a different look at your sessions and work with clients and uncover what you might be doing differently to develop as a coach and help your client in better ways.

creates a safe environment for the coach to share their successes and failures in becoming masterful in the way they work with their clients.

Tandem’s Founder and Head Coach Cherie Silas, MCC is a certified Coaching Supervisor with European Mentoring and Coaching Council. If you are an ICF credential holder you may submit up to 10 hours of Coaching Supervision (delivering or receiving) as Core Competency Continuing Coach Education (CCE) units toward your credential renewal.

What Coaching Supervision might look like

coaching supervision

The following are examples of what you and Cherie might be working in your Coaching Supervision sessions:

  • Exploring the coach’s internal process through reflective practice.
  • Reviewing the coaching agreement and any other psychological or physical contracts, both implicit and explicit.
  • Uncovering blind spots.
  • Ethical issues.
  • Ensuring the coach is “fit for purpose” and perhaps offering accountability.
  • Looking at all aspects of the coach and client’s environment for opportunities for growth in the system.