Hi, Cherie’s here! Today, we’re exploring an essential skill for coaches working with individual leaders and executives: multi-level listening. This competency goes beyond hearing words; it’s about fully engaging with the speaker’s verbal and non-verbal cues to understand their message in depth. Here are four tips to enhance your listening skills, ensuring you provide the most effective support to your clients.

1. Embrace Silence and Reflection:
Encourage moments of silence in your sessions. This space allows both you and your client to reflect on the discussion and deepens understanding. Silence is not just a pause; it’s an opportunity for insight.

2. Listen Beyond Words:
Pay close attention to not just what is said, but how it’s said. Tone, pace, volume, and inflection can reveal more than words alone. Non-verbal cues, such as body language and facial expressions, offer additional layers of meaning.

3. Perceive the Unspoken:
Develop your ability to sense the emotional atmosphere and energy shifts. This global listening extends to noticing the environment around your client and how it impacts them. It’s about tuning into what is not directly communicated but is nonetheless felt and experienced.

4. Use Yourself as an Instrument:
Be mindful of your own reactions and sensations during coaching sessions. Your responses can be a powerful tool for understanding the client’s experiences on a deeper level. This self-awareness enriches your capacity to connect and empathize.

Multi-level listening is a dynamic and powerful approach to coaching that fosters a deeper connection between coach and client. By mastering this skill, you can facilitate profound growth and insight in the leaders you support.

Until next time, Cherie 💚