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ICF PCC & ACTC - ICF Advanced Certification in Team Coaching

With Cherie Silas, MCC, CEC

Elevate your coaching expertise with our premier ICF Accredited LeveI 2 and AATC programs.

Designed for ambitious coaches aiming for global recognition and mastery in both individual and team coaching domains.

Start leading the coaching industry with unparalleled skills and credentials.

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Your ICF Accredited PCC and ACTC Program

The Elevate Team Coaching Program, a Level 2 ICF Accredited program, is meticulously crafted to empower you with the advanced coaching skills necessary for success in group, team, and organizational contexts. This innovative program not only sets the stage for achieving the prestigious ICF PCC credential but also places a strong emphasis on preparation for the Advanced Certification in Team Coaching (ACTC). By doing so, it ensures a comprehensive developmental journey for aspiring coaches focused on excelling in both individual and team coaching disciplines. With its Level 2 ICF accreditation, the program adheres to the highest standards of coaching education, offering a rigorous and enriching learning experience that paves the way for professional excellence and recognition in the coaching field.

Enhanced Program Structure and Key Components:

  • ACTC Focus: Alongside the PCC preparation, our curriculum includes specialized modules dedicated to the nuances of team coaching, aligning with the ICF’s ACTC competency framework. This dual focus ensures a balanced expertise in handling both individual and team coaching scenarios with finesse.

  • Weekly Live Learning: Participate in weekly 2-hour live sessions that cover a blend of individual coaching competencies and team coaching dynamics. These interactive sessions, conducted online, are central to mastering the dual coaching disciplines.

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  • Recorded Team Coaching Demonstrations: Witness the power of team coaching through recorded sessions that illustrate key strategies and interventions for leading successful team transformations.
  • Group Supervision with a Team Focus: Engage in specialized group supervision sessions that explore complex team coaching cases, offering a platform to refine your approach and techniques in a collaborative setting.

  • Mentor Coaching for Dual Certification: Embark on a mentor coaching journey that covers both PCC and ACTC competencies, featuring personalized feedback and strategy sessions to elevate your coaching practice to the standards of both certifications.

  • Comprehensive Assessments for PCC and ACTC Readiness: Complete assessments designed to evaluate your readiness for both PCC and ACTC certifications, including a rigorous review of your coaching recordings and a written evaluation aligned with ICF standards.

Graduation Criteria:

To successfully graduate from the Elevate Team Coaching Program, the students must:

  • Successfully complete all aspects of the program, including both the individual and team coaching components.
  • Log a specified number of practice coaching hours, with a portion dedicated specifically to team coaching engagements.
  • Pass a comprehensive evaluation that assesses coaching competency at both the individual (PCC) and team (ACTC) levels, ensuring readiness for ACTC certification alongside PCC.

Tuition and Fees

Elevate your potential with our comprehensive program, starting at $725/month. Experience a seamless journey enriched with expert-led mentorship, extensive coaching, and all required materials included. No hidden costs, just clear and straightforward value. Curious about more? Dive into our extensive FAQ for details on our flexible payment plans designed with your financial ease in mind.

Dedicated to Your Success:

Our program goes beyond traditional coach training by offering an integrated pathway to dual certification. With an added emphasis on ACTC, alongside the foundational PCC focus, we prepare you for a distinguished career in coaching, equipped to facilitate both individual transformation and team excellence. Join the TCA Elevate Team Coaching Program and set the stage for a rewarding coaching career. This ICF accredited program prepares you to apply for both PCC and ACTC certifications.

Comprehensive ICF-Accredited Curriculum

Our Elevate Team Coaching Program offers an unparalleled journey into the depths of professional and team coaching, meticulously designed to prepare participants for the prestigious ICF PCC and ACTC certifications. This comprehensive curriculum spans across essential coaching competencies, team dynamics, systemic coaching, and conflict management, ensuring a holistic development of coaching skills. Through a blend of live learning sessions, digital resources, and intensive practice labs, participants will dive into the core of coaching ethics, establish effective coaching agreements, and master advanced coaching techniques tailored for both individual and organizational growth. The program’s unique structure, combining theoretical knowledge with practical application, aims to forge coaches who are not only equipped to excel in their certification exams but also to lead transformative coaching engagements within diverse organizational settings. Reflective supervision and mentor coaching sessions further enrich the learning experience, offering personalized feedback and insights to refine coaching practices. With a focus on creating systemic awareness and fostering inclusive and equitable coaching environments, graduates of this program will be equipped to become industry-leading coaches, ready to make a significant impact in the world of enterprise coaching.

Elevate Team Certified Coach Training Program Sessions

This session introduces the foundational ICF Core Coaching Competencies, essential for professional coaching practice. Participants will learn the global standards for coaching, enhancing their ability to deliver high-quality coaching aligned with ICF benchmarks.

Explores the importance of establishing effective coaching agreements and relationships within systems. Attendees will gain skills in creating clear, impactful agreements, crucial for successful coaching engagements.

Focuses on understanding and creating well-formed outcomes for client progress. This session empowers coaches to guide clients in setting achievable, meaningful goals, driving forward coaching success and client satisfaction.

Teaches how to conduct system surveys and co-create comprehensive coaching plans, emphasizing the return on investment (ROI) of coaching engagements. Coaches learn to articulate and demonstrate the value of their coaching, essential for engaging organizational clients.

Introduces the specific competencies required for effective team coaching, preparing coaches to work with and enhance team dynamics. Participants will expand their coaching repertoire to include team settings, broadening their professional opportunities.

Covers essential skills for managing team dynamics and facilitating group communication. Coaches will learn techniques for intervention, mirroring, and fostering resonance within teams, vital for successful team coaching.

Emphasizes the importance of coaching presence and the ability to manage interactions and emotions within coaching sessions. Participants will develop a deeper understanding of how to create a safe, open space for client exploration and insight.

Explores working with various roles within systems, including hidden and marginalized voices. This session equips coaches to navigate complex organizational landscapes, fostering inclusivity and equity in their practice.

Introduces the concept of reflective supervision for both individual and group settings. Coaches learn strategies to reflect on their practice, receive feedback, and identify areas for improvement, ensuring continuous professional growth.

Teaches how to use framing techniques to enhance client awareness and insight. Participants will learn to frame conversations in ways that open new perspectives, a critical skill for facilitating deep coaching conversations.

Focuses on coaching systemically, using models like the 7-eyed model to create awareness of the system as a whole. Coaches will gain the ability to view clients within their broader context, enhancing the impact of their coaching.

Explores how to maintain coach presence in group and team settings, including managing difficult emotions. This session equips coaches to remain grounded and effective, even in challenging group dynamics.

Provides tools and strategies for coaching through conflict within systems, including techniques for full brain engagement and noticing shifts. Coaches learn to navigate conflict effectively, fostering healthier team environments.

Explores how thinking is processed, helping coaches create learning and understanding for their clients. This session enhances coaches’ ability to tailor their approach to fit the cognitive styles of their clients, maximizing coaching effectiveness.

Focuses on understanding and creating well-formed outcomes for client progress. This session empowers coaches to guide clients in setting achievable, meaningful goals, driving forward coaching success and client satisfaction.


This detailed curriculum is designed to fully prepare participants for the challenges and opportunities of professional coaching at the individual and team levels, leading to eligibility for ICF PCC and ACTC certifications upon meeting all other ICF requirements.

Meet Your Certified Coach Program Instructor Cherie Silas, MCC, ACTC, CEC

Dive deep into the world of advanced coaching under the expert guidance of Cherie Silas, an ICF Master Certified Coach (MCC), an Advanced Certified Team Coach (ACTC), and a Scrum Alliance Certified Enterprise Coach (CEC). With a rich tapestry of coaching experience that spans across diverse industries and coaching disciplines, Cherie stands at the forefront of coaching excellence, ready to lead you through the transformative journey of the Elevate Enterprise Coaching Program. Cherie Silas is one of the very few Accredited Coaching Supervisors, as well as a co-author of the bestselling Enterprise Coaching book.

Cherie’s coaching philosophy is built on the foundation of empowering coaches to unlock their full potential, fostering a learning environment that is both challenging and supportive. Her approach is characterized by deep empathy, strategic insight, and a relentless commitment to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in coaching. With Cherie, you’re not just learning the mechanics of coaching; you’re embracing a journey of personal and professional growth that will redefine your coaching practice.

Her credentials speak volumes of her expertise and dedication to the coaching profession. As an MCC, Cherie has demonstrated the highest standards of coaching proficiency and ethical practice. The ACTC accreditation further highlights her specialization in team coaching, equipping her with the unique skills to foster high-performing teams. As a CEC, she brings a wealth of knowledge in enterprise coaching, making her an invaluable mentor for those looking to excel in organizational coaching.

In leading the Elevate Enterprise Coaching Program, Cherie draws upon her extensive coaching experience, insights from her own journey, and the latest in coaching research and methodologies. Participants will benefit from her personalized feedback, innovative coaching techniques, and the wisdom she’s gained from years of coaching leaders and teams to success.

Joining this program means stepping into an opportunity to learn from one of the best in the field. Cherie Silas is more than an instructor; she’s a mentor, a guide, and an inspiration. Whether you’re aiming for your PCC, ACTC, or seeking to enhance your coaching skills, Cherie’s leadership will open doors to new possibilities and elevate your coaching career to new heights. Prepare to be challenged, inspired, and transformed with Cherie Silas at the helm of your coaching journey.

Got Questions? We Have Answers!

General ICF ACTC Information

ACTC stands for Advanced Certification in Team Coaching by the International Coach Federation. It’s designed for coaches who want to specialize in coaching teams within organizations, focusing on advanced knowledge and skills in team dynamics, leadership, and systemic coaching.


  • Active ICF Credential: Must hold an active credential at the Associate Certified Coach (ACC), Professional Certified Coach (PCC), or Master Certified Coach (MCC) level.


  1. Team Coaching Education (Included in Our Program):

    • Our program includes at least 60+ hours of team coaching education, aligning with the ICF Team Coaching Competencies, ICF Core Competencies, and ICF Code of Ethics. Specifically, 48 of these hours are tailored to meet the Team Coaching Competencies or the ICF Core Competencies as applied in team coaching contexts, ensuring comprehensive coverage and preparedness for certification.
  2. Team Coaching Engagements:

    • Engage in at least five (5) team coaching engagements within the last five (5) years. These engagements must involve actual team coaching sessions. Tandem will offer guidance on documenting and verifying these engagements to meet ICF requirements.
  3. Coaching Supervision (Included in Our Program):

    • Our program provides at least five (5) hours of coaching supervision with an eligible Coaching Supervisor or ICF Mentor Coach who has undergone supervision training. This element is crucial for reflective learning and skill enhancement in team coaching, fully supported within our curriculum.
  4. Certification Exam:

    • Achieve a passing score on the ICF Team Coaching Certification Exam. Tandem offers preparatory resources and workshops to ensure candidates are well-equipped to succeed in this exam.

Support for Credit Transfer:

  • Credit for Prior Learning (CPL): Tandem will work closely with prospective students to review and assist in transferring credits from prior learning experiences in accredited programs. Our team is dedicated to facilitating the CPL application process, ensuring that previous education and experience are recognized towards the ACTC certification.

Application Fees:

ICF Application Fees:

  • ICF Member: $250 USD
  • Non-member: $350 USD

Additional Notes:

  • Tandem’s commitment to supporting prospective students extends beyond the classroom, offering personalized assistance in navigating the certification process, from credit transfer to exam preparation.

ACTC certification signifies your expertise in team coaching, distinguishing you in the field. It demonstrates a commitment to ongoing professional development and mastery in coaching, enhancing your credibility and opportunities in organizational and team coaching contexts.

General ICF PCC Information

PCC stands for Professional Certified Coach, an ICF credential for coaches demonstrating a higher level of coaching experience and skill. It’s suitable for coaches who have completed substantial coach training and have a significant amount of coaching experience.

For individuals pursuing the Professional Certified Coach (PCC) credential from the International Coaching Federation (ICF), the pathway to certification involves meeting stringent requirements that demonstrate comprehensive coaching skills and knowledge. Here is an overview of the ICF requirements for the PCC credential, with specific details on how Tandem supports these requirements through its offerings:

ICF PCC Credential Requirements:


  • ICF Requirement: A minimum of 125 hours of coach-specific training.

    Tandem’s Support: Tandem offers a specific program that provides at least 60 training hours towards this requirement. Furthermore, participants have the opportunity to accumulate up to 140 hours through Tandem’s ICF ACC – Accelerate Coaching Program, ensuring not just the fulfillment of this criterion but an opportunity for extensive learning and development.


  • ICF Requirement: At least 500 hours of coaching experience, with 450 hours being paid coaching work and these hours accumulated post the start of your coach-specific training.

    Tandem’s Support: Included in the program are 4 rounds of Reciprocoach, which adds 24 hours to your coaching log, helping you build towards the substantial experience requirement set by the ICF.

Mentor Coaching:

  • ICF Requirement: A minimum of 10 hours of Mentor Coaching over at least three months by an ICF-credentialed coach at the PCC or MCC level.

    Tandem’s Support: Mentor coaching is included in Tandem’s offerings, providing access to qualified mentors who can guide you through your development process, ensuring that you meet the ICF’s standards for mentorship.

Performance Evaluation:

  • ICF Requirement: Submission and assessment of two recorded coaching sessions with transcripts for candidates applying through specific paths.

    Tandem’s Support: Performance evaluation is part of Tandem’s program, facilitating the assessment process by providing structured opportunities for recording coaching sessions and receiving feedback, aligning with ICF’s evaluation criteria.


  • ICF Requirement: Passing a computer-based exam that assesses knowledge and application of ICF Core Competencies and adherence to the ICF Code of Ethics.

    Tandem’s Support: While the exam is an external process managed by ICF, Tandem’s comprehensive training and mentorship are designed to prepare you thoroughly for understanding and applying ICF Core Competencies and ethical standards, which are crucial for successful exam completion.

Application Fees and Review Times:

  • These vary depending on the path chosen (Level 1, Level2, Portfolio) and membership status with ICF. Tandem’s program prepares participants for the application process, although fees and review times are set by ICF.

Tandem’s program is meticulously designed to support aspiring coaches on their journey to achieving PCC certification, offering structured education, practical experience, mentorship, and performance evaluation opportunities that align with ICF’s rigorous standards. This integrated approach ensures that participants are well-prepared not only to meet the ICF’s requirements but to excel as professional coaches.

Maintaining your PCC certification requires completing a minimum of 40 hours of Continuing Coach Education (CCE) in a 3-year cycle, including at least 3 hours in coaching ethics, and renewing your ICF membership.

Elevate Enterprise Coaching Mastery Program-Specific Information

Our program is uniquely designed to prepare coaches for both PCC and ACTC certifications, offering a comprehensive curriculum that covers individual and team coaching competencies, ethical guidelines, and advanced coaching techniques. It combines live learning sessions, digital resources, and practical experience through mentor coaching and supervision.

The program is designed for coaches with foundational coaching skills looking to advance their careers. For those interested in enrolling without prior coaching experience, it’s important to understand that a basic level of coaching proficiency is expected to ensure you can fully benefit from the advanced techniques and concepts the program offers. When you apply to the program, we will assess your current progress in coaching and suggest the best path forward. This might include recommendations for acquiring the foundational skills needed or directing you towards initial training that aligns with your current level. Our goal is to set you up for success in the Elevate Enterprise Coaching Program and ensure that it enhances your coaching journey, whether you’re just starting out or looking to deepen your existing practice.

The program spans several months and includes weekly live sessions, asynchronous learning materials, and practical coaching labs. Sessions are conducted online, offering flexibility for global participants. Specifically, the Elevate Enterprise Coaching Program is designed to be completed in about 6 months. Each weekly live session lasts for 2 hours. During these sessions, the first hour is dedicated to discussing new topics and exploring learning materials, ensuring that participants gain a thorough understanding of advanced coaching concepts and strategies. The second hour is focused on coaching practice, allowing participants to apply what they’ve learned in a supportive and practical environment. This blend of theoretical learning and hands-on experience is tailored to enhance your coaching skills systematically throughout the program’s duration.

Mentor Coaching and Supervision

Mentor coaching in this program includes both group and individual sessions focused on developing your coaching skills in alignment with ICF competencies, offering personalized feedback and guidance from experienced ICF-certified coaches. It’s designed to not only meet but exceed the time requirements set by the ICF for mentor coaching. This ensures that participants receive ample opportunity for deep learning and practical application, going beyond the basics to truly refine and elevate their coaching practice. Through this comprehensive approach, Tandem’s mentor coaching facilitates a transformative learning experience, enabling you to enhance your coaching skills and effectively apply ICF competencies in your coaching engagements.

Supervision provides an opportunity to reflect on your coaching practice, discuss challenges, and receive expert guidance, ensuring you meet the ACTC standards for team coaching proficiency. In this program, Cherie Silas, MCC, an EMCC Accredited Supervisor (ESIA), will conduct both individual and group supervision sessions. These sessions are integral to your development, offering a structured environment where you can gain insights into your coaching approach, explore new perspectives, and enhance your skills under the mentorship of an experienced and highly qualified coach. This direct engagement with an MCC-level supervisor ensures that you receive the highest level of support and feedback, directly contributing to your readiness and alignment with the rigorous standards required for ACTC certification.

Application and Enrollment

Applications for the Elevate Enterprise Coaching Program can be submitted through our website. The process begins when you express your interest by completing an application form found on the specified page. Upon submission, our team will reach out to discuss your aspirations, evaluate your current progress in coaching, and provide an overview of our process and the program itself. This conversation is an essential step in ensuring that our program aligns with your professional development goals and that you are at the right stage in your coaching journey to benefit most from what we offer. Based on this discussion, qualified candidates will receive an invitation to join the program. Please fill out our application form below or contact us at for more details and to begin your application process.

Kickstart your certification with our program, now more accessible than ever with monthly payments starting at just $725. Our goal is to make this journey as smooth and manageable for you financially, offering several payment options to suit your budget.

The program is packed with everything you need to succeed, including thorough training sessions, all necessary materials, and an extensive coaching practice program. You’ll engage in four rounds of ReciproCoach, totaling 24 hours of practice, as well as receive mentorship from experienced coaches. We guarantee a comprehensive learning experience without hidden fees or extra costs.

We’re here to support you every step of the way. Once you apply, our admissions team will get in touch to explore payment options with you, ensuring you find a plan that fits your financial situation and educational goals. With our support, you can confidently embark on your path to certification, fully equipped with the resources and support you need.

Understanding that financial considerations play a significant role in furthering your education and career, we offer various flexible payment plans to accommodate your budget. For those who need assistance, monthly payment plans are available, allowing you to spread the cost of the program over its duration. Additionally, we are committed to working with you to explore financial arrangements that suit your financial situation. While we currently do not offer scholarships, our admissions team is ready to discuss alternative financial support options and guide you through the process of making the program financially accessible.


While graduating from the program prepares you for PCC and ACTC certification, obtaining the certifications requires submitting an application to the International Coaching Federation (ICF), demonstrating you’ve met all their criteria, including coaching hours and passing the assessment. Tandem is committed to supporting you throughout this process. We will work closely with you to ensure you have all the necessary information and application materials needed for a successful application to the ICF. Our goal is to make the certification process as seamless and straightforward as possible, providing guidance on how to document your coaching hours, prepare for the assessment, and any other requirements specified by the ICF.

Tandem Coaching provides guidance on the ICF application process, including how to document coaching hours and prepare for assessments. Graduates also become part of an alumni network for continued support and professional development opportunities. 

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