Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

I am interested in online Scrum Alliance courses

Great! You are in the right place! We provide both A-CSM and CSP-SM Online Courses! Save a bunch of green on a bundle that includes both courses! Go to the Online Learning page to learn more and sign up! 

How do I prepare my CTC / CEC application?

We will suport you on your journey to the Guide Level Scrum Alliance certification. We will start with helping you design your journey and then review both part 1 and part 2 of your CTC / CEC application. Check out offerings in the Mentoring section 

I’m deciding between the ICAgile ICP-ACC and ICF ACTP courses. How do I know which to choose?

The ICP-ACC course is an introduction to professional coaching and is focused on being a Scrum Master on an agile team. You will learn about the competencies of being a team coach including coaching, mentoring, and teaching. The ICF-ACTP course is focused on professional coaching and takes a deep dive into learning the competencies of a professional coach. This course leads to ICF Certification and is not agile specific. Learn more and sign up to both classes here

For the ICF ACC level is Module one of your ACTP program sufficient or Module 2 is required as well?

The Module 1 covers the learning hours required for ACC. Module 2 covers the additional hours ICF requires for PCC. You are taught at the PCC level and competency throughout the program even if you only take Module 1.

Are the A-CSM and CSP-SM prep courses or will completing these courses result in the actual certification?

These are the actual certification courses. You do the course work and submit the assignments and attend the live sessions and when you are all done I will submit your certification

Do A-CSM and CSP-SM courses include tests or is it just a matter of completing all of the course requirements offered through Tandem Coaching?

The assignments included in the respective course will validate your learning so there are no additional official tests to pass to be certified

Since I've been working as a Scrum Master with my CSM for over 2 years, would I be eligible to begin earning the CSP-SM certification immediately after earning the A-CSM?

Yes, you have to have a CSM on file to process the A-CSM. Once the A-CSM is processed we can then move forward with CSP-SM. You have enough experience but you also need to update your profile with scrum alliance including your work history AND – on your job entry there is a checkbox at the bottom that says PATH TO CSP – you need to check that box and enter your scrum experience there in order for the certifications to process.

What are some realistic time frames for completing all the material for A-CSM and CSP-SM courses?

People who work diligently generally finish the individual courses in 4-6 weeks. It’s self-paced so it depends on how diligently you work. I have mentoring sessions weekly on Thursdays and Saturdays and a minimum of 4 are required to complete the course work.