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Enterprise Coach

Alex Kudinov, MCC, CEC

Alex Kudinov is an ICF credentialed Master Certified Coach, Scrum Alliance Certified Enterprise Coach Kanban Coaching Professional, an Accredited Kanban Trainer with Kanban University, and a co-author of the Enterprise Agile Coaching book.

Alex is a devoted Technologist, Agilist, Professional Coach, Trainer, and Product Manager, a creative problem solver who lives at the intersection of Human, Business and Technology dimensions, applying in-depth technical and business knowledge to solve complex business problems. Alex is adept at bringing complex multi-million-dollar software products to the market in both startup and corporate environments and possesses proven experience in building and maintaining a high performing, customer-focused team culture.

Alex has over 20 years of professional experience that span hands-on software development roles, product and software development leadership positions and consulting engagements in a variety of industries, such as Oil and Gas, Investment Banking, Commodities Trading, and Information Technologies.

As a professional coach Alex believes that clients have everything and anything they need to achieve their goals. They are naturally creative, resourceful, and whole, and do not need fixing. What they need is support, a different way of looking at things, a soundboard, a partner on their journey to achieving their life goals.

Presently Alex is serving as a Principal at ProServ Technologies LLC where he helps his customers to build sustainable software development operations using cutting edge technologies and utilizing various Agile methods and techniques.

Alex holds an MBA degree from the University of Texas at Austin and a Master’s degree in Banking and Finance from the All-Russian State Distance-Learning Institute of Finance and Economics.

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