Blog: Keeping Agile Non-Denominational

Coaching Plan
The last article introduced the use of the STORMMES Model © in co-creating the relationship agreement with the client. In this article, we take a closer look at competency 3 Establishes and Maintains Agreements.The first three competency markers in this section help us to understand what a good relationship agreement contains.
Preparation and Assistance
The stronger you grow in your experience of coaching the better coach you will be to serve your clients. This growth mindset will show up in your coaching because you will become more flexible, creative, and relational.
Scaling coaching through systems thinking
Scaling is often frowned upon in the Agile world. Scaling coaching from individuals to teams and to organizations is the only way to bring the systemic change to bigger and wider systems and we believe that scaling coaching through systems thinking is the way to go.
It Might As Well Be Me! - with Lyssa Adkins
After writing her groundbreaking Coaching Agile Teams, Lyssa was put on pedestal by the Agile community and has been there since, casting a shadow (or shining a bright light) on the community as a whole and brining wisdom of Agile coaching to the growing pool of agile coaches. In this episode we are talking about what brought Lyssa to Agile coaching, what changes she notices in Agile coaching as of late, and what she is looking forward to in 2021.
Meeting Them Where They Are with Allison Pollard
In this episode Allison Pollard discusses the concept of "meeting where they are," and what it means for Agile Coaches. How do we support people on their agile journey? What changed over the last year? When might we pivot as agile coaches and what is significance of keeping agile non-denominational.
Let’s Talk Coaching Business with Cornelia Shipley
Are you running your business or working for it? What does it take to build a successful coaching business? What obstacles should you expect and how Cornelia, a successful entrepreneur, overcame those? All of this and more.
Coaching through Infertility with Pradeepa Narayanaswamy
Miscarriage is a loss-why should it be treated like any other loss? Right now it’s not - in most organizations. What kind of support and conversations that can be had in organizations to clear the taboo about infertility? How can a manager have a conversation or support someone in their team going through infertility? As a colleague or friend, how can you support someone with infertility? When you meet someone new in your organization, here is a question you don’t ask.
Managing Client Focus, Session Time
Every coaching conversation begins with the client’s agenda and focus. The client holds the content, and the coach holds the process. Together they partner to make progress towards the client’s goals. The goal of coaching is to create client awareness. It is more important that the client learn and make progress toward the goals outlined at the beginning of the conversation than it is to get to the end, ring the bell and say, “We did it!”
Co-creating Strategic Shifts with Coaching with Karl Van Hoey
Coaching is an awesome instrument to engage in a co-creative process allowing to make strategic shifts in business-turmoil. In this episode we touch upon how coaching and co-creation can - even in deep crisis - be more effective and sustainable than typical "crisis" management; how coaching brings more innovation to strategic thinking and what is needed to stand open for an entire new business model.
Leaders Are Coaches Too with Tricia Broderick
Coaching is a word with so many misunderstood meanings and implementations. Unfortunately and fortunately, there is no single way to coach. What is now abundantly obvious is that coaching is a valuable skill for more professionals beyond Agile coaches. Turns out there is an answer to how leaders can create, enable and maintain high-performing teams, they leverage professional coaching in their leadership delivery. We are discussing and examining the link between quality leaders and professional coaching.