In these videos brought to you by Scrum Alliance and its Agile Coaches they discuss what Scrum Alliance Coach is all about, what the benefits of becoming one are, and how you can start on that long journey.

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Becoming a Scrum Alliance Coach is a natural next step in the journey for an active Certified Scrum Professional® (CSP®-SM or CSP®-PO). Learn why these coaches chose to become certified with Scrum Alliance.

Cherie Silas 

For me, I wanted to become a Scrum Alliance Coach because I saw the level of expertise. And I felt really confident that the people who were Scrum Alliance coaches were just the best in the field. So I wanted to learn from them and have that support system and be a part of what this is.

Michael De La Maza 

I learned about the Scrum Alliance offerings. And I found that the coaching community and the Scrum Alliance was very powerful and supportive and helpful.

Melissa Boggs 

I too, was really intrigued by the community of the Scrum Alliance, especially the coaching community. I came up through the Scrum Alliance, kind of a typical Scrum Master path. I was a CSM, I was a CSP and then when it came time to kind of decide where I was going next. Coaching is really my passion. I also love training, but it became clear to me that the coaching community is a community that I wanted to be part of.

Henry Dittmer 

A lot of times when you’re working with people, they get to a place where teaching them some other way of doing it, just doesn’t quite move it forward, it gets, they kind of hit a plateau, they get stuck. And usually that’s because there’s something else going on beyond the technical, the process, the way of doing that kind of thing, right. And so, becoming a coach gives you access to other skills that helps you reach that place with them.

Brock Argue 

What I would say, you know, for someone who’s looking to get into, into coaching and be a Scrum Alliance coach would be to hang out with coaches, and just spend a lot of time with other coaches seeing what they do, who they are, what they’re like, because it gets you a real sense for, you know, the type of person that will be good at it and the type of work that we do.

Evelyn Tian 

Quite a few years ago back in 2011-2012 I was an internal head coach for Erickson, and at that time, I just found that from my learning journey and I was actually growing internal coaches. I found that I wasn’t learning enough just within Erickson itself. And then I heard about the certified scrum coaches  community and then I said, “Okay, let me give that a try.” And then I applied, I got accepted and then I have never regretted that for a moment because it’s such a great community that every encounter with any coaches is such a wonderful learning experience. So I have learned, I have shared, and it has been a fantastic journey for me.