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ICF Mentor Coaching for ICF Credentials - ACC, PCC, MCC

ICF Mentor Coaching for ICF Credentials – ACC, PCC, MCC


Are you planning to apply for your ICF credentials and looking for an ICF Mentor Coaching program? Are you a credentialed ICF Associate Certified Coach and looking to renew your credentials through mentor coaching for an ICF credential? Then you are in the right place and this Mentor Coaching program from Tandem Coaching Academy with its group mentoring and individual mentoring sessions will sure help you validate and improve your coaching skills.

(If you are a student in our ICF accredited program ICF ACC Level 1 Coach Training Program or ICF PCC & ACTC Level 2 Coach Training Program started in or after September 2020 this program is included in your enrollment, please contact your Tandem Coaching instructor for more information).

Why Tandem ICF Mentor Coaching Program?

Embarking on a mentor coaching relationship means entering a space of trust, stretch, and growth. It’s designed for individuals eager to enhance their effectiveness as coaches, propel their professional development, amplify their coaching sessions, refine their communication skills, and expand their coaching business. Our program stands out because it is meticulously crafted and delivered by highly skilled coaches who are not only ICF credentialed but also certified as ICF Mentor Coaches, strictly adhering to the guidelines set by the International Coaching Federation (ICF). This adherence ensures that our program meets the gold standard for coaching excellence and accreditation established by the ICF.

At the heart of our program is our Founder and Head Coach, Cherie Silas, the first in the world ICF Master Certified Coach who also holds the prestigious titles of Scrum Alliance Certified Enterprise and Team Coach (CEC/CTC). She is also an EMCC Certified Master Coach and Certified Supervisor (ESIA). This unique blend of expertise underscores the depth and breadth of coaching wisdom available to our mentees.

Participating in our mentor coaching program means you’re committing to a journey of professional growth that aligns with the ICF Core Competencies. Over three months, you’ll receive targeted feedback on your coaching practice from your experienced mentor coach, engage in both group mentor coaching sessions for collaborative learning and individual sessions for personalized guidance, and prepare confidently for the ICF Coach Knowledge Assessment. This comprehensive approach, that consists of coaching and feedback, ensures that you’re not just learning, but also applying, reflecting on, and refining your coaching style to meet the rigorous standards required for an ICF credential.

Whether your coaching focus is on life coaching, business coaching, executive coaching, or health and wellness coaching, including niche areas like ADHD coaching or positive psychology coaching, your career will benefit immensely from the dedicated hours spent under the guidance of a credentialed coach. Our program emphasizes the importance of mentor coaching as part of your coach certification journey, offering a rich blend of theoretical knowledge, practical application, and ethical considerations in line with the ICF Code of Ethics.

For alumni of Tandem Coaching’s training programs or certified coaches seeking to deepen their expertise, our ICF Mentor Coaching program offers an unparalleled opportunity to enhance your coaching practice, achieve mentor coach certification, and join a vibrant community of successful coaches. Our commitment to coaching excellence extends to every aspect of our program, from the structured coaching agreement to the feedback on your coaching provided by our experienced mentor coaches.

In choosing Tandem Coaching Academy for your mentor coaching for ICF credentialing, you’re not just gaining a certification; you’re becoming part of a tradition of excellence in the coaching profession, equipped with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to thrive as a certified mentor coach.

What are ICF Mentor Coaching Requirements?

The International Coaching Federation (ICF) sets the standard for coaching excellence through rigorous credentialing processes that ensure coaches possess the necessary skills, knowledge, and ethical understanding to serve their clients effectively. A pivotal aspect of this journey towards ICF accreditation involves mentor coaching, a structured program designed to refine a coach’s capability, enhance their coaching competencies, and prepare them for successful credentialing.

Understanding ICF Mentor Coaching

ICF mentor coaching is a requirement for candidates pursuing various levels of ICF credentials, including the Associate Certified Coach (ACC), Professional Certified Coach (PCC), and Master Certified Coach (MCC) paths. Whether through the ACC ACSTH (Approved Coach Specific Training Hours), ACC Portfolio, PCC ACSTH, or PCC Portfolio routes, mentor coaching plays a critical role in a coach’s education and development.

The essence of mentor coaching lies in its ability to provide personalized guidance and feedback, focusing on the mentee’s coaching practice. This process is enriched through observed or recorded coaching sessions, allowing mentor coaches to offer insights and recommendations that directly address the mentee’s areas for growth. Such sessions are instrumental in demonstrating and elevating the levels of coaching competency required by the ICF.

The Role of Mentor Coaching in Coach Development

Mentor coaching goes beyond the foundational coach training programs by offering an appreciative and dialogued process aimed at deepening the coach’s understanding of ICF core competencies. This unique blend of mentoring and coaching ensures that mentees not only receive knowledge but also apply it in a way that aligns with ICF standards.

A mentor coach, often an experienced ICF credentialed coach, brings a wealth of knowledge, having navigated their own coaching journey successfully. They serve as both a guide and a role model, showcasing personal traits and competencies that contribute to a successful coaching career. This relationship fosters an environment where the mentee can explore different coaching styles, receive constructive feedback, and develop the confidence needed to pursue their ICF credential.

The Comprehensive Scope of Mentor Coaching

Mentor coaching encompasses various elements essential for a coach’s professional growth. It includes hours of coaching with a mentor, which are distinct from the training hours acquired through coach education programs. This requirement emphasizes the ICF’s commitment to hands-on, practical learning experiences that are crucial for a coach’s development.

Group coaching sessions are another component of mentor coaching, offering a collaborative learning environment where coaches can learn from one another’s experiences and feedback. This collective approach complements the one-on-one mentor coaching sessions, ensuring a well-rounded development process.

The Path to ICF Certification

Embarking on the mentor coaching journey is a significant step towards achieving an ICF credential. It is an investment in one’s coaching career that signifies a commitment to excellence, ethical practice, and continuous improvement. By fulfilling the ICF’s mentor coaching requirements, candidates not only prepare themselves for the certification process but also enhance their coaching services, contributing to their overall success and fulfillment as a coach.

Aspiring coaches are encouraged to visit the ICF website to learn more about the mentor coaching requirements, find accredited mentor coach certification programs, and begin their journey towards becoming a certified coach. Through mentor coaching, coaches are equipped with the tools, knowledge, and support necessary to navigate their coaching journey with confidence and achieve their professional aspirations.

I am an ACC Certified Coach. Do I Need Mentor Coaching?

Short answer, yes, you do. First, ICF requires coaches applying to renew their ACC Credential and who wants to achieve their highest potential to complete an additional 10 hours of Mentor Program above those hours required for their initial credential.

Need Coach Training Program for Your ICF Application?

At our coach training school, we offer both ICF ACC Level 1 Coach Training Program and ICF PCC & ACTC Level 2 Coach Training Program accredited by International Coaching Federation. All our instructors hold either a Master or Professional Certified Coach ICF designation and thus are qualified to provide mentor coaching hours for you to fulfil the ICF requirements for your credential application.

In our Mentor program we take a holistic approach to your skills development as a coach. With the help of one of our Certified Professional Coach you will start with clarifying your development goals and professional goals. You together will create an action plan that is tailored to your chosen career path individual needs. We will dig into your coaching approach, focus on the core skills that make you a great coach, help take your coaching skills to their highest level.

Credentialing candidates on the ACC ACSTH and Portfolio paths must complete 10 hours of Mentor Coaching at an accredited coach training school prior to submitting their application. They need to partner with a Mentor Coach who holds a valid PCC or MCC Credential.

The Tandem Coaching Academy mentor coach program exceeds the ICF requirements. We offer 12 total mentoring hours (instead of required 10) out of which 4 hours are those of the individual Mentor Coaching (ICF requires 3 individual Mentor Coaching hours) and 8 hours of group mentoring. At our coach training school we keep our Mentor Coaching groups size small under 10 people to ensure personal attention and quality of mentoring.

We also provide all necessary documentation after you successfully complete our Mentor Coaching program for your ICF credential application.

If after completing this you would like to further your personal development building upon your strengths and personal and professional growth, we invite you to join our ICF PCC & ACTC certification program that will not only give you valuable experience but also will provide you with additional coach continuing education hours, that you can use for the purposes of renewing your ICF credentials.