Mentor Coaching Video Course By Cherie Silas, MCC, CEC

Mentor Coaching – Video Course


Welcome to Tandem Coaching Academy’s Mentor Coach Program.
My name is Cherie Silas, and I’m the Director of Coaching and Education here at Tandem. And I’m also one of the Mentor Coaches. This course is designed to help you understand a little bit more about what the competencies of coaching look like on an overall perspective.
So maybe up until now, you’ve been looking at the the PCC markers and matching your coaching up to the PCC markers to make sure that those things are showing up in your coaching and that’s great. They should. And when we grade recordings for credentialing, it goes a bit deeper than just PCC markers.
For those recordings, we’re looking at the overall competency. Do you understand, for example, the coaching agreement on an overall basis? Do you understand what coaching presence is? And are you competent, and being present with your client throughout? These things won’t necessarily show up in the markers, but they’ll show up in the way you interact with your client and display a full understanding of the work you’re doing as a coach.
So we think that these videos will be valuable in helping you to determine which recordings should you turn in for your final assessment for your credential.
Looking forward to working with you and we’ll see you soon.

This video course includes videos that explain core coaching competencies in detail and help you decode PCC Markers.
The course DOES NOT include any work with a Mentor Coach and cannot be submitted to ICF in lieu of Mentor Coaching. Should you decide to go through Mentor Coaching with us we have a few options for you available – click here to learn more.

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