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ICF Coaching Competency Model


Welcome to Tandem Coaching Academy’s video series on the ICF competency model adopted in 2019. In this series, we’re going to be looking at the new ICF core coaching competency model that covers all the competencies of professional coaching, and how ICF knows that you are a competent coach.

These new core competencies have been divided up into eight core competencies of coaching and three different segments. In the first segment you’re going to find the foundations. And under foundations, there are two competencies, Demonstrates Ethical Practice and Embodies a Coaching Mindset. The next bunch of competencies are in the co-creating the relationship grouping. Those are Establishes and Maintains Agreements, Cultivates Trust and Safety, Maintains Presence.

After that, you’re going to find a few more that fall into the Communicating Effectively grouping. Those are Listens Actively, Evokes Awareness. And then the grouping of Cultivating Learning and Growth is the final competency, which is Facilitates Client Growth.

Each one of these core competencies has some bullet points underneath it, which are the markers of how you understand those core competencies are demonstrated, when you’re actually coaching. Each of the competencies also has a short definition.

So in this video series, we’ll be breaking down each one of the coaching competencies and discussing those markers independently, so that you can have a really clear understanding of what they mean, how they show up, and how your assessor will be grading your recording to determine your level of competency. So I’m looking forward to having you in this series and excited to be your instructor.

What is included:

  1. 27 videos explaining all new ICF Core Coaching Competencies in details
  2. 8 graded essays for CCEUs
  3. Play-by-play coaching session analysis to demonstrate ICF Core Coaching Competencies in action
  4. Admittance to 2 coaching labs for additional 3 CCEUs.

You must complete all the requirements of the course to collect 12 CCEUs.


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